Evil embrace.


Lost and confused

in the catacombs of emptiness,

I crave for meaning.

Chased by relentless shadows

of woe and misery,

I long for freedom.

Gyved under a spell of bondage,

frozen in sands of time,

I pray for release.

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Yours truly..creativnerd



“Life flows on

sometimes with a surge

of a violent stream.

And sometimes so calm

like fading sunbeam.

Breath comes easy

but living is steep,

trying to find your niche

in this crazy dustheap.”

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Yours truly….creativnerd

Writing101 Day15: Your Voice Will Find You

Prompt: “Think about an event you’ve attended and loved. Your hometown’s annual fair. That life-changing music festival. A conference that shifted your worldview. Imagine you’re told it will be cancelled forever or taken over by an evil corporate force.” How does that make you feel?

I couldn’t believe my ears when i heard it. A million thoughts galloped through my mind at lightening speed. When? How? Why? It was running successfully since more than a decade, then why did they decide to wrap the show.

I remember my first visit to the summer adventure camp. With the nerve of a six year old, i carried my backpack and a water bottle all the way to the top of the hill. I learned many things on that camp…had my first stint with fear of the dark, learned to tie ten kinds of knots, slept on bare ground, climbed a tree for the first time and participated in a lot of other adrenaline pumping activities. I attended the camp every year till i passed out of school and shifted here for college. I learnt umpteen lessons that have helped me face life without flinching.

It comes as a melancholic shock to hear that it wont be carried out anymore. I was going to send my children there from next year.

Yours truly…creativnerd

Writing101 Day14: To Whom It May Concern

Prompt:  “Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. What’s the first word that jumps off the page? Use this word as your springboard for inspiration. If you need a boost, Google the word and see what images appear, and then go from there.    Today’s twist: write the post in the form of a letter.”

I am currently reading “Fault in our stars” by John Green, and the word that shoots off page 29 is ‘lungs‘. So, I am going to write a letter addressed to my friend’s pair of lungs that have been abused for quite some time.


Dear Lungs,

I know he treats you like sponge, only to soak up smoke and tar that enters through his wind pipe. I am sure you despise it but still hold it together. I can sometimes hear you crepitate in retaliation but you resign to relentless ignorance of my friend. Being a doctor I know what you endure everyday and everytime the fumes percolate your innards and choke them.

Don’t give up my precious. I am working on salvaging as much as i can. Please hang on.