Our little infinity.


My heart sings the yellow song

when touched by your radiance

like a sunflower beaming at the sun,

 like the clinking of gold coins.

My feet stay a bit high,

higher than the dew kissed ground,

And my head floats in clouds

whenever you are around.

Warmth of your embrace

eases the knots of uncertainity.

and im in love

with our little infinity.

Yours truly…creativnerd

PS #100happydays #day11

CoLouR PlaY!!

Hey everyone,

I have been down with a creativ block of some kind, for almost 2 weeks now ( Urrgh….its frustrating). So i decided to force myself to do something worthwhile, instead of just whiling away time…thinking of all the possible creativ stuff i could do and make. I decided to paint…even though i couldnt think of anything. I picked up a canvas sheet and some acrylics and got started…and almost an hour later.. this was the result.

??????????????????????????????? Tell me about it. Do you like it? #100happydays #day10

PS: Dont confuse Excellence with Perfection. Excellence, I can reach for; Perfection, is God’s business.

Yours truly..creativnerd

You and I.

You and I.

Fearless waves

of a rising tide.

You and I.

Little pups on a mudhill

happily we slide.

We fly..

We crash,

We play..

We fall.

We love.

We smile…through each other’s eyes.

#100happydays Day#9 Coz ‘u’ make me happy…:)

Yours truly…creativnerd

CraFtineSs is HapPineSs.

Hey everyone, :) Read this on pinterest today ..”I craft so hard that i sweat glitter.” :P

Its day 7..and i have been  feeling ‘crafty’ since morning. So i decided to put an old hair creme bottle to good use.  I hope you like it. 2014-08-13 21.41.17 2014-08-13 21.54.31 A chain of colourful paper clips at the neck and random brush strokes with metallic yellow and copper acrylic paints. That’s it!! Tada!!!

Well,crafting never fails to make me happy.  Thanks for stopping by.

Yours truly..creativnerd