Day#19 For I must carry on.

Day#19 NaPoWriMo

For I must carry on.
The moonlight casts shadows,
on your side of the bed.
You have been gone a fortnight,
but it hasnt got registered yet. 

After fifteen sleepless nights
and endless bouts of tearful mourning,
I sit in your study
recalling your emphatic talking.

Trying to buy some time from memories,
and relive your presence.
For tomorrow marks a new day,
after many lost ones.

I intend to start de novo,
and gather what you left.
To piece a life back together,
though i still feel bereft
of the very reason
to carry on.

Yours truly...creativnerd..xoxo

The Sunshine Award!

Hey everyone, :)

I have been nominated for The sunshine Award by Mathew992. Thanks Mathew. :)

Mathew has given me following questions to answer. :)

1. My authority?

It would be my parents. I love them heaps… and would do anything to keep them happy. :)

2. What is happiness for you?

Its a feeling of peace and satisfaction after having a fulfilling day. Its the ability to smile through sun and rain, without doubting God’s will.

3. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I see myself as a successful pediatric dentist, a popular blogger, a best selling artist, a promising author… and a perpetually happy person :)

4. Optimist or a pessimist. why?

Well, I have been a bit of both in the past. I have sometimes sulked over things for epic durations…and have been hopelessly optimistic at other times. I guess we all are a blend of both characters.

5. Your greatest achievement? 

I am gonna win the Nobel prize one day. That ll be my greatest achievement. :)

6. Late evening or afternoon?

A winter afternoon and a late evening of summer. :)

7. Your favourite movie? Why?

“Life is beautiful” an italian comic drama movie about a jewish book shop owner’s sacrifice for his family during the colossal execution at the concentration camps during second world war. His imaginative methods to protect his family, especially the way he describes the situation to his son, and his ever smiling face, really warmed my heart.

8. Would you walk up the tree to save my cat?

Absolutely. :)

9. Black or white?

White. I love it. :)

10. Your dream?

To do everything i can possibly think of. ;)

My questions for the people i an gonna nominate are:

1. Your favourite superhero. Why?
2. If you were to live in a fantasy film (if it could be real), which film would that be? Also tell me what character would you like to be?
3. Hot cappuccino or cold coffee??
4. You would categorize yourself as an extrovert or an introvert?
5. If you could change something about yourself what would it be?
6. What according to you is most essential to have a successful blog?
7. Cliched pouty poses or candid hit-or-miss photography?
8. Define happiness.
9. Dark bitter chocolate or sweet milk chocolate. 
10. You would want to live by the sea or in the hills?

My nominees:

Yours truly…creativnerd…xoxo

Day#18 Little Secrets

NaPoWriMo Day#18

Our little secrets

You know i cant lie
i stutter miserably when i try.
I know you are scared of heights.
And You panic when i drive.
I even know you need a light
whenever you are high.

You cant start your day
without a cup of coffee
And i say its unethical to refuse
anything thats free.
I have bats in the belfry,
any crawlies when i see.

Yes, the list is long.
Things just keeping adding on.
To our black book of secrets
that we keep between us. 

to be continued

Yours truly…creativnerd..xoxo


Day#17 YOU

Day#17 NaPoWriMo

You are the song in my head
thats been on repeat ever since we met.
You are the wind in my hair
that makes me fly without a care
You are the fire in my heart
that lights my spirits in the dark.

Ohh!!!what a beauty you are..
Ohh!!! you are my shining star.
where ever you are.

You are the twinkle in my eyes
everytime a star shoots by.
I feel special everytime
you slip your hand into mine.
And i havnt got a clue
why sometimes i even talk like you.

Ohh!!! Such an angel you are.
Ohh!! You have painted my heart,
into a piece of art.

I feel like crazy when we dance in the rain
holding hands like we are never gonna change.
Ohh!!! what a beauty your are
and you will always be my shining star
where ever…where ever……you are.
you ll be my shining star. 

Yous truly…creativnerd..xo


NaPoWriMo Day#16

Hey everyone, :) I know I am running two days late (will blame it on bad network..if i may). But I am trying to cover the margin and be back in the game. Here is my 16th piece of work. I have tried to write a song this time. Hope you enjoy it.

Tell me..

I dont want to close my eyes,
scared i might miss the moment.
i dont want to turn away,
fearing i may lose the chance.
To hold your hand,
to kiss your face.
to feel  your heavenly grace.

So, tell me now
if i should wait.
Or should i let go
and move ahead.
Will you ever come this way.
Will we ever be the same.
Tell me…..

I cant close the door behind
and walk through this alone.
I still feel the same about us,
wish i could call this home.
But its just empty rooms
of bricks and stones
the ruins of our love.

So, tell me please
if i should care.
Or should i just be gone somewhere.
will you ever see?
what it meant to me.
will you ever turn around?
tell me….

I cant carry on this blind tunnel anymore,
wish you could be my guiding star.
What do i do,
to make you feel again?
What do i say to make you see,
that however strong the storm may be.
the Sun shines after rain.

Yours truly…creativnerd..xoxo


Day#15 Divine sanction

NaPoWriMo Day#15

I have been thinking about us,
about the way we have grown.
From strangers to soul mates,
a love I didnt expect i would come to know.
A touch so tender but strong enough
to keep me from ebbing into darkness.
A smile so powerful and radiant
it could light up a dying sun.
A bleeding heart and a silver soul,
you are my blessing from above,
a divine sanction. 

Yours truly ….creativnerd..xoxo

Day#14 Caravan

NaPoWriMo Day# 14


Vagabond habits refusing to wane,
and time continues to slip
like sand through my fingers.
I wish to anchor now
But the wind beneath my feathers
wishes to carry on.
Constant craving of safe haven
brings heartbreaks more often.
But my feet are tired now,
and spirit is weary.
The scars on my heart yearn for solace
and the wanderer within me
wants to come home to your embrace.

Yours truly...Creativnerd....xoxo