“an intense and irresistible desire for freedom.” Life is an open road with infinite destinations, if you have the will to explore the unknown. Wherever you wanna go, whatever you wanna achieve the… Continue reading

Love you Mom.

My heart’s first home, and hand’s first prize. Forever benign, she’s compassion personified. Picture courtsey: Pinterest Yours truly..creativnerd

Think before you throw!!

Hey everyone, :) I have been hoarding glass bottles lately with a sincere intention of crafting something nice for my room. Read ‘lately’ as a few months..jeez.. really!!! You keep thinking of doing something… Continue reading

The Liebster Award

Hey everyone, :) Got nominated for a new award by my fellow blogger Jem @ https://jemverse.wordpress.com/ . Its called Liebster award and I am thankful and glad i got this nomination. I’m supposed to… Continue reading

Oil Project

Hey everyone, :) I got a canvas board a year back, started this artwork two months ago and finally its complete. Well, actually it  still needs to dry thoroughly, so i can write my… Continue reading

Trampoline of Togetherness.

Hey everyone, Been MIA since a long time, i know. A lot has happened over the past few months. Among other things, I have experienced  unending shopping ordeals and have been inflicted with… Continue reading


If only Life had a shape one too easy for me to envision, I would see it as a mystical orb. Bright and beautiful but sometimes twisted and evil. No matter how high you swing… Continue reading

Alien attack!

Hey everyone, :) Its been a while, i know. But i am back …with a piece i wrote during a poetry competition when i was in class 7. The topic given was ‘Alien… Continue reading

Our little infinity.

My heart sings the yellow song when touched by your radiance like a sunflower beaming at the sun,  like the clinking of gold coins. My feet stay a bit high, higher than the dew… Continue reading

CoLouR PlaY!!

Hey everyone, I have been down with a creativ block of some kind, for almost 2 weeks now ( Urrgh….its frustrating). So i decided to force myself to do something worthwhile, instead of… Continue reading

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