Tetrapack to pen holder..:)

All of us buy tetrapacks….of milk, cream, juices etc etc. We use the contents and trash the pkt. How about transforming a mundane tetrapack into a groovy pen stand.

Let me show you….

What do you need??

A tetrapack (obviously..:P)

Pair of scissors

A piece of cloth, big enough to be wrapped around the pack. Could be an old tee shirt.

Needle and Thread..to stitch. You can use a stapler too…to secure free ends of cloth.

An old scarf…..thats out of fashion..or damaged by silverfish…or that u dont use anymore.


Needle and thread aren’t included in the picture…Use them anyway..:P

Now, cut the tetrapack at junction of upper and middle third..and go all the way…to th back…keeping the scissors at acute angle to the front edge. Ensure that it is clean and dry on the inside.


Now wrap the cloth around the pack…like we wrap gifts. and secure all the ends, either by stitching…or using a stapler, if you aren’t comfortable with needles. Place the staples in the most obscure places. I used stapler for the joints at the bottom of the pkt.

You can also punch a hole in the back for hanging, before you cover it with cloth.

Make a flower with the scarf by passing a needle through the length on one side and pulling  the thread to ruffle it. Coil the ruffled scarf to make a flower.

For detailed description, check out its DIY here…”Ruflled flowers from scrap”

Stitch the flower in the centre of the front surface. You can also make a smaller flower from your base cloth and stitch in centre of the scarf flower.

This is what finished project looks like…..The staples can be covered by a black marker.         IMG-20130901-WA0035 - Copy


You can even hang it. PS:  Staples can be seen on the back surface. Place them symmetrically so it looks nice..;)

Use it to keep art supplies: brushes, sketching pencils, erasers, charcoal etc, or stationary close to your fixed phone line for scribbling info. You can even attach a magnet at the back before covering it and beetle it on the refrigerator , to keep  stick notes and a pen…also Check out “Magnetic penholder”.

Its easy..quick to make..and useful.

Try it..and feel free to comment with your views.


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