I’m here…in Blogsphere..!!!

Hullo everyone…

Thanks for stopping by. I sincerely hope you enjoy every bit of your time spent browsing through my “blogsphere”. In the excitement of sharing DIY with y’all, I completely forgot to tell you the reason why i’m here.

I am a student of Masters in Dentistry and enthusiast of creativity in any form.  I am a neophyte at blogging ..(no doubt..:P) but im loving every moment in Blogsphere. The delight of giving words to my ideas and sharing them with you is just so overwhelming.

I have been sketching and crafting random stuff since long, mainly for gifting friends and family. But because of my demanding profession, I couldn’t give enough time and thought to writing about it and  It took a lot of coercing from people around me..:P..and here I am…finally…in the loop..and it feels great. What inspired me to write this blog is a silly habit of a very dear friend, who happens to be my flatmate in college. She gets really furious when I dont throw away things like used and empty bottles, or cans, or even toothpastes..(I’m serious.:P). And when i transform them into something like a pen stand or windchime etc, all she does is smile at me and say Hmmmmm…:P 

And not just her, a lot of us dont actually think of creating something from routine trash like bottles, cans, tetrapacks, glass pieces etc, classifying it as useless and unproductive. Also, we presume that we aren’t creative enough for crafting something nice and functional. So, this blog is a step towards familiarizing you all to clear sailing creativity, that requires minimal effort and maximum compliments.:P

Along with craft, this blog is about the ‘other things’ that I love doing. I ll be sharing my sketches, both pencil and charcoal with you under “Relationship with charcoal”; videos of my favourite song covers by me, and a weekly dose of soul stirring thoughts under “Yellow soul”. I earnestly hope that you would connect to atleast one of our posts. Please hop around all the pages and posts….and acknowledge what you like. 

Happy stay at Blog sphere..:)))


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