Curlicue Ear-rings

We have a lot of waste magazines at home and workplace that no one actually reads. You just flip pages when you get bored, looking at colourful spreads of clothes and makeup. Why not use a few pages from it and create a pair of lovely ear rings for yourself?

All u need is:


Few sheets from a colourful magazine

A scissor


Glue stick

Jewelry wire


Lets get started.

Draw straight lines on the sheets, about an inch apart.


Cut into an inch wide strips.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Fold from the sides longitudinally and stick the folds to make thinner strips.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Roll one end of a strip into a circle of minimal diameter. Apply glue and keep rolling the free end of the strip over the circle. Keep adding strips before glueing the end. ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????


Stick the end when you reach the required width. ???????????????????????????????

Make two coils of approximate diameter. ???????????????????????????????

Making the loop.

IMG_0902Hold one end and make the first loop. Pass the free end of the wire through the centre of our coil.

??????????????????????????????? Hold the wire at the exit from the coil and bend vertically upwards. ???????????????????????????????Then hold it at the level of the top of coil and bend horizontally. ???????????????????????????????And bend vertically again at the middle of the top surface of the coil.

Then give a curved bend for the final loop that ll pass through the ear lobe.


Tadaaaa..!!!!!Your super duper uber cool ear rings are readyyyy..:))


Experiment  with different sizes and colours and lengths. And do post your comments here.

Happy creating..!!!..Xoxo


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