Glass Pendants

Make lovely pendants from pee-wee glass pieces in four easy steps. You can do it in like ten minutes…yes…just ten minutes and you are ready with your own colourful accessory. You can customize the colour, shape and look of the pendant.

Lets get started.

What do you need?

glass pendant1

Glass piece

Jewellry wire


Glass Paints

Glass filer

Step 1

File the edges of the glass piece with the filer to smoothen jagged and sharp ends. File more to modify its shape and size. 


Step 2

Leave about 2inches of wire on the top (for the final loop), and take it diagonally along the back surface till you hit the edge. Bend the wire and bring it to the front, carry it all the way up and diagonal to the opposite side. Bring it down on the same side along the back surface. Then bend it, and take it to the opposite side, crossing over the first diagonal. Follow the previous bend, and bring it down again, this time taking it horizontally across the front. Then take it back and straight to the top, to meet the free end.

glasspendant firstbend ??????????????????????????????? IMG_1042      

Step 3 

Twist both ends with a plier.


Make the final loop for neck-chain to pass through.


Step 4

Paint with glass colours, if you like.


Tadaa..!!!…Play with asymmetrical pieces of glass. 

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Wear ’em plain….wear ’em coloured…whichever way you like. 

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Do try them yourself and post pictures..Happy DIY..xoxo


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