Disc Pendant

You already know how to make curlicue ear-rings….now learn to make a matching pendant.

The method is the same. If you are visiting for the first time, see Curlicue Ear-rings for it.

What do you need?

Old magazines

Glue stick



Jewellry wire



Start coiling the strips, like we did for the ear rings. Keep adding strips until you reach the desired diameter. You can even use coloured strips to get a nice effect.

After you have reached the size you want, secure the free end with glue.

Take jewellry wire, about twice the diameter, long and pass it through the centre of the disc. Give two bends at the entry and exit of the wire to bring both ends on the top.



Twine them together till the end.

Then coil them vertically down to make the final loop.



Your pendant is ready to rock-n-roll….:P

Experiment with the length of the chain you wear it in. You may also hang multiple discs of decreasing diameter. Just play with your imagination.

IMG_1092 - Copy

Make it yourself and share it with fellow readers..Happy CIY..(PS: Create it yourself)….:P


9 thoughts on “Disc Pendant

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