Camera envelope

Hey everyone,

Todays CIY is inspired by my dearest friend’s desparate need to have a cover for her camera…(she lost the original one..:P). I have had it on my mind since long, but was looking for the right notion. And there it was, staring in the face, but nicely hidden from my sight..a saline bottle in the clinic. I used to see it, hold it in my hands, everyday..but never did the thought of upcycling it occurred to me.

So, finally she is going to have a nice envelope for her camera. I hope you all enjoy this CIY and try your own versions of it.The unique thing about this craft is that you dont require any sewing.

Lets get started.

What do you need?

An empty saline bottle…or any parallelopiped bottle, of approximate width as your object.

Paper cutter or sharp blade or knife.


Permanent marker

Colourful paper clips and a few metallic ones as well

Scraps of cloth…You can sever an arm of old tee i did.



Mark the dimensions of your cover, keep it one odd cm wider than your object of interest.



Keep the camera inside the cut portion and mark the extents.

2013-09-21 01.10.112013-09-21 01.10.49


2013-09-21 01.12.232013-09-21 01.12.542013-09-21 01.14.14

Then, cut a piece of cloth about 2 cms larger in all dimensions. Keep the plastic over the cloth and fold the edges inside, securing them with colourful paper clips. As I said, there will not be any sewing involved.



After you have secured all the free margins of the cloth, keep the camera inside and check.

2013-09-21 01.52.55


Now you have to close the sides, or put some barrier so that camera doesn’t fall off sideways.

2013-09-21 01.53.05Take bigger mettallic pin and pass it through the smaller colourful clips, to close the opening.

Follow the same on the opposite side.

2013-09-21 01.56.112013-09-21 01.56.29

Your no-sew Camera Envelope is ready.

2013-09-21 01.57.08



  • PS:  If the clips become loose, just replace them.
  • The plasticity of bottle gives rigidity to the cover.
  • Use as many clips u like.

Do try this CIY..and leave your comments here.

And please share and follow this blog if you find it worthwhile.


Happy creating..xoxo..:)



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