Sketch for a Friend..:)

This was a special project I did for a special friend studying in Australia. It was her friend’s birthday and she wanted to gift something special, something more personalized. I suggested turning a picture of theirs into a sketch. She agreed right away….. and even mailed me a few pictures. I selected one and started with the sketch.

I have shared a picture for every step….(almost..:P).

2013-05-13 00.39.07

2013-05-13 01.16.36

2013-05-13 01.36.24

The finished project..:)

2013-05-13 01.49.54

P.s: Start shading from the top, to avoid smudging.

I have used Charcoal for the hair and other dark overtones. And 2B 4B and 6B pencils for the rest of the efffects.

Feel free to like or comment.

The original picture will be uploaded soon..:)..Happy creating…xoxo


2 thoughts on “Sketch for a Friend..:)

  1. Lovely sketch Divya, UR getting better with every sketch! Try using 8B pencil for the hair as it smudges less than charcoal. Charcoal also has tendency to make the pic brownish when shaded. I use cotton end of throat swabs from the lab for shading and it works fine for me. Please try for a softer look around the eyes (may b u shd try a softer B pencil) as they have a staring wooden look otherwise.Is the pic fully done or do u plan to work more on it?you have to spray the picture with a fixer before you can display or hand it to some one so that it does not smudge. Lastly tell me how to join this blog site! Well done Divya, iam proud!

    1. from the expert himself..:)..Thanku sir for your valuable suggestions, it means a lot. I will definitely incorporate each tip in my future sketches. The pic is finished sir, and I have sprayed it with fixative also.
      To join this site…just log in to and create your account. Its very simple.
      And thanku once again Sir.

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