Ageless Expressions

Hey everyone,

Here’s another portrait of an old man, sketched with charcoal and 4B pencil on A3 drawing sheet.  I dont usually draw a grid first and sketch within its limits. I sketch free-hand, starting with rough horizontal lines to mark the positions of eyes, nose and lips. In this sketch also. I have started with eyes and the glasses. And moved on to the rest of the face.

I hope you all like it.

2013-05-22 23.21.25

2013-05-22 23.44.20               2013-05-22 23.51.12

2013-05-23 00.02.38                2013-05-23 00.13.50

2013-05-23 00.32.08               2013-05-23 00.57.30

2013-05-23 01.00.36

Please give your suggestions, and let me know what you think of it.

Yours truly….creativnerd


4 thoughts on “Ageless Expressions

  1. Lower facial asymmetry! (was it intentional? ..a true reproduction from the original?) The eyes are looking much better now and appear alive, Pls darken the left eye a bit more. A very difficult portrait of a wrinkled old man (In real life too, they do not smile much!) May b the harsh charcoal tones suit the subject looking straight at u! Well done, Divya!

Heyy!!What do you think of it??

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