Ear-rings Hanger

Ear-rings come in all shapes and sizes, from hoops to danglers to jhumkis, so on and so forth. We buy them from stalls, flea markets, online portals, malls, trade fairs etc etc, And keep dumping them in a box or a bag. The new CIY is about a customized ear-ring hanger that can solve your problem, and is super easy n fun to make.

Lets get started: What do you need?



2013-10-02 17.33.59

Step 1

Cut the wire into 5 pieces of the following lengths:

1—1.5 inches long

2— 3 inches long

3 and 4—–lill more than 3 inches long

5— 5 to 7 inches long

(Wire pieces numbered from L to R)

Step 2

Bend each piece in a specific way.

1— Bend both ends into loops, in perpendicular planes. See the picture.


2— Give a loop in the centre of the wire and bend the two arms as shown in the picture.


3 and 4— Same as 1


5— Bend one end in a loop, and the remaining wire into a series of U bends till you reach the other end. IMG-20131002-WA0004

Step3 Arrange the pieces as shown in the picture



Step4 Engage the loops and clasp the free ends. Your hanger is ready.


Step5 Hang all your favourite loops and danglers. Isnt it pretty??


Do try this CIY and post comments….xoxo..Happy Creating!!!


6 thoughts on “Ear-rings Hanger

  1. This is good! I like the way U make it simple and illustrate your project with pictures and user friendly instructions! I wish our text books and manuals for surgery were also written by some one who can teach this way! Way 2 go, Divya!

    1. Haha..thanku sir…that was th whole idea. A lot of things appear quite complicated, but are actually quite simple when you look at what they are made of. Also, A lot of us think we arent creative enough to come up with something. By this blog i want everyone to make atleast one of these projects.Thank u again. Your comments are always a pleasure.

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