Cute Bookmarks

I love to read…anything and everything…from random columns in post dated newspapers, to current favourites on the web. I also like to take care of my books, keeping the edges from wear-n-tear, using a bookmark instead of folding the pages etc etc.

Today’s CIY is about creating cute wire tabs that can be used as bookmarks, paper clips etc

What do u need?

Jewellry wire (Pliable enough)


Ribbons or strips of colourful cloth


The various shapes that I made are shown below. You can try them, or make your own designs. The idea is to have concentric wire shapes so as to engage the pages in between.

Shape1: HEART

Bend the wire in this shape of a heart with two concentric loops on the top. You  can use a thinner gauge, more pliable wire. Add a piece of ribbon to add colour.

20131005_214018 20131005_213951


Shape2:  SQUARE with a heart

20131005_214029 20131005_215313

Bend the wire in concentric squares, and engage the pages between two layers.

Shape3: FISH

20131005_214045   20131005_215901

Shape 4: KITTEN

20131006_102541  20131006_102605

Shape 5: RANDOM



Shape 6: RANDOM again..



Shape 7  : DUCK

20131005_214911  20131005_215220

Make as many as you like, for yourself or gift them to your book-lover friends. I will keep posting more designs, so keep watching this space.

You can make your own designs and share them here, with our readers. Like and share the post if you like it.


Happy creating.

Yours truly…creativnerd


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