Owl book-tag

When I posted the Cute Bookmarks CIY on Facebook, one of my friends  asked for an owl bookmark.  I was fascinated with the choice of animal, and puzzled about the way it could be made out of wire. I sketched it on a paper, and tried all the possibilities but couldn’t get it right with a single piece of wire. Then it struck me, i could use two wires.

I am only uploading the finished piece coz I was so engrossed in figuring my way through the shape, that I didn’t click any pictures. 😛


But Its quite simple. Divide the shape into two halves by drawing a vertical line between the eyes. Start bending the wire from the top, making the eyes. Then twist the two ends right in the centre (in the region of nose) and take both wires at the back.

20131007_181943 (1)

Now make the bilaterally symmetrical halves of its body and twist the remaining wire at the end.

I hope you get the instructions right. Please feel free to ask if you have a problem. I will be happy to help.

So this one is especially for Bubbles, a lovely friend. I hope you like it. 🙂

yours truly….creativnerd


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