Sketching is like breathing to me. Having said that, Its not that I sketch everything I see, but when I see something I get this strong urge to sketch. I visualize myself drawing the eyes, shading the hair.  It is quite unnerving at times,  because I cant concentrate on anything else until I have finished sketching it.

When I saw this face, I had the same feeling. I wanted to draw this pair of eyes and lips, so badly, that I clicked the picture of the original image with my phone and started sketching. I finished it in two hours, with sketch pencils 2B and 4B on A3 ivory paper.

This according to me is the best portrait I have sketched so far. Please  give me your opinion.  Also tell me what you think of the expressions.





Give your comments (and compliments…LOL ..) in the comments box. And follow the blog for more interesting updates and posts.



8 thoughts on “Masterpiece??

  1. Seriously maam when i open up your blog & see u doin all this stuff it really makes me wonder..’mujhe kuch aata hai???’..u r amazing maam!!

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