Imperfectly perfect.

“Most of the sophisticated  people I know, are all children inside.”


We all are imperfectly perfect in a very peculiar way. We have our times of self criticism, self pity, self-indulgence on and so forth. We give liberal advices, have an opinion about everything, put up an hermetic barrier on the exterior while are vulnerable inside. We all have our share of failures and heartbreaks, but never lose a chance to become an avant-garde counselor for anyone who appears to be in need. We clothe our inner ‘kibitzer‘  in veil of  concern and disburse kind notions to friends and their friends et al. 

In a way we all are very balanced people, as contradictory emotions thrive in our conscious and subconscious in perfect harmony, with occasional bouts of disturbed equilibrium, of course. We get irked at someone, and most of the times, restrain ourself from retaliating. We hurt ourselves by trusting wrong people, sometimes knowing that they are wrong. 

We dream, fearlessly…without caring about the consequences.  We make hard choices in life, and even choose to stick with them, no matter how hurtful they are. We experience the beautiful feeling called love, and sometimes fall out of it lickety-split. We care unconditionally for people we love, but are too scared to show, scared to get hurt, scared to lose. We are all children inside, with a self-structured and society-reinforced moat of rules, around us. Rules that do not always make sense, but still have the capacity to affect the ebb and flow of our lives.

But in the midst of turbulences, life goes on. And all that matters in the end, is the fact that we have one life, only one chance at living each moment the way we like, knowing that time will not turn back. There is abundance in the inadequacies of life and  perfection in all human foibles. 


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