Engraved thoughts

This CIY is really special, coz the idea dawned on me at the stroke of midnight, quite literally, while  struggling to read a never-ending article,and occasionally  snoozing between lines… lol. A cup of coffee, from Mc Donalds helping me through the ordeal.

I was about to hit the bed when a glance at the lid of the coffee cup turned into a long fixed stare. I must have done that for about five minutes, and the CIY just flashed before my eyes, slide by slide like a movie. I started working on it and took pictures at every step, even though I wasnt sure if the result would be worth sharing or not.

Anyway, here it is.

What do you need?

A round plastic lid. IMG-20131020-WA0004

Plaster of paris

Glass paints

Google translate..LOL

Step1: Mix POP with water to make a paste of medium consistency. Pour the mix into the lid while tapping. Fill it to the desired level and leave to set. Dip your finger into water and run over the surface for smoothness.


Step2: Use Google translate to get words in different languages. Like I have used chinese translation of ‘LOVE’ on my first one. I intend to make a few more and hang them together on a wall.

Step 3: Before the POP sets, engrave your word on the face of the lid. Be careful,as POP is brittle, you may end up removing more than required, and as a result distorting your word.


Step4: Wait for POP to set completely. Paint the background with glass paints.



Try this CIY and give your opinion in the comment box.



Heyy!!What do you think of it??

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