Belt head-band

Hey People.. 🙂

With the remaining end of the belt (After making Belt wristband), create a very cute head-band. Even this CIY is very quick, easy and fun to do. The pictures are self-explanatory, with info whereever necessary. Feel free to ask if any step is not clear.


IMG-20131024-WA0010 Measuring the length and fixing the position of the bow.

IMG-20131024-WA0013Securing the bow at one end of the belt, by passing a wire through the layers and twisting both ends in the same plane.

IMG-20131024-WA0014Top view of the bow. The free end of the wire being coiled in the same plane.

IMG-20131024-WA0012 Back view of the bow. A staple bent in the shape of a hook and secured with another staple.

IMG-20131024-WA0007 On the other free end, insert two staples and loosen them by the tip of a scissor. These will act as loops to engage the hook on the back side of the bow.

IMG-20131024-WA0009 The hook engaging the loop, though not very clear. Mark the position of the loops according to your head-size and keep two extra loops on either side.

IMG-20131024-WA0011 Tie the headband by bringing the bow to a side and engaging the hook in the loop.

IMG-20131024-WA0008 It goes really well with a high messy bun. Do try this CIY and send pictures. You can even accessorize this with a brooch or stud, or paint it in vibrant neon colours, this season’s favourite.

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Yours truly…creativnerd


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