Unusual use of egg-shell

Hey everyone.. 🙂

I still remember the first time I made this for a friend,about 4 years back. She was so amazed to know how to make it, that she ended up creating a bigger and better version of it. 😛  Its easy, like all my CIYs, and fun to make.

Lets get started.

What do u need?

Egg shell

Plaster of paris


Jewellry wire



Pour plaster in the egg shell. Tap while pouring to avoid air bubbles. Wait for it to set. You can also coat the inner surface of shell with vaseline for easy removal of set plaster.IMG-20131025-WA0005IMG-20131025-WA0014

Drill a small hole in the centre of the convex surface. IMG-20131025-WA0010

Create a wire loop as shown in the picture. IMG-20131025-WA0012Fix the free end of the wire in the hole with clay/wax/ plaster.IMG-20131025-WA0013IMG-20131025-WA0009



Put your foto.. 😛

You can modify the shape by using different cardboard boxes as moulds, like toothpaste cover or chocolate box etc. You can also do some engraving on the plaster before painting. Use glass colours for lustre and smoothness. Do try this CIY and post pictures or send me the link. Give your comments in the box and keep watching this space for more.

yours truly…..creativnerd


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