Plaster tablet..:)

Hi people.. 🙂

An amazing CIY for gifting your friends on this Diwali. Its handmade (obviously..:P), easy and anyone  can make it. 😉

What do you need?

Plaster of paris

A biscuit tray:( that comes in a pkt of biscuits..:P)

Acrylic colours

M seal… 😀

2013-10-28 22.59.03

Step 1: Divide the tray into three individual pieces. Each will be used differently.2013-10-28 23.00.43

Step 2: Take one piece,coat the inner surface with a thin layer of petroleum jelly  and pour plaster mix into it. Tap while pouring for a smooth and flat surface and also for avoiding bubbles. 2013-10-28 23.24.18

Step 3:  Wait for it to set. Remove the set plaster from the mould. 2013-10-28 23.25.29

2013-10-29 00.01.19

Step 4: Draw your design on the plaque with a soft pencil. It shouldn’t leave permanent impression on it.

Step 5:  Mix the two parts of Mseal and make a dough. Mould the dough into desired shape and stick  on the plaster plaque. Wait for half an hour till it sets.  2013-10-29 16.33.55 2013-10-29 16.47.29

Step 6: Paint the plaque or leave it as it is. 🙂

Make this on your own and gift your friends this  Diwali and get complimented for it. 😛 Do share your experiences , comments, compliments in the comments box here. And follow the blog for more..:)



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