Glass Lantern

Hey everyone 🙂

Sorry for disappearing again..I was contemplating the next CIY. 😛 Actually, I was caught up in the ebb and flow of a postgraduate student’s life, with as series of mind-racking deadlines. Anyway, I am finally here purely because of my love for blogging. I couldnt stay away for long. 😛

So, today’s CIY is a pretty lantern made out of glass bottle. You can even use small glass jars,mason jars etc.

What do we need?;

2013-11-05 23.50.31 Glass bottle    Paints and brush    Fabric glue   Thread     Glass liner (not in the pic :P)

Step1: Apply glue on the neck of the bottle and start winding the thread around it.

2013-11-05 23.58.13 20131106_001408

Step2 : Follow the same step on the bottom of the bottle.

Step3 : Paint a 1/2 inch wide space next to the threaded portion, in any colour you like. And draw abstract pattern with black glass liner. You can use any other colour liner,if you like.


Step4: Use it as a lantern, as shown here. You can make multiple lanterns in different colours and keep them in a corner and let the light shine through.

IMG-20131106-WA0002 IMG-20131106-WA0001

  • You can decorate the bottle using clay, or may even wind the thread all over it.
  • Use different colours and media: glass , fabric or spray paints.
  • Write quotations on bigger bottles and use as vase.
  • Use glass liners in metallic colours: gold, silver and bronze to give a 3d effect to the lantern.

Do try this and give your feedback. And share it if you like it.

Happy creating



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