Clever cruet.

Hey everyone ūüôā
I have been inactive in blogsphere for quite some time now. Thanks to the monumental work-load that comes along with PG. My peaceful routine was viciously contorted, leaving the creative corner of my mind, cluttered and confused. After duelling with the urge to craft and the yearning to write,for nearly a month….I feel happy to bring another CIY, a bottle craft which was put together long back. Its a stand for your bangles and hairbands.
My previous CIY explained how to decorate a glass bottle with thread. For a quick look at the steps, click here.

In this CIY, you need the same technique of thread work on the neck of glass bottle. 2013-12-01 03.33.24

After decorating the neck and a little collar with thread, write something nice, with acrylic colours. 2013-12-01 03.33.47

You can keep bangles as shown in the picture. 2013-12-01 03.34.09 and haibands like this.2013-12-01 03.35.02

That’s all. Its so convenient and quick to make, and helps to organize a ¬†number of things. Do try this CIY and send me the pics. I would love to hear from you.

Yours truly



Heyy!!What do you think of it??

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