Mason jar lamp




Hey everyone 🙂

I had a long and relaxing weekend, after five days of intense work requiring mind grease. And as Monday flashed on my calender, a lot of craft ideas came rushing into my head, clouding it to the extent of, blocking everything else out. I wandered in the labyrinth of creativity for almost two days, until I could take no more. And last night, I made this lamp out of an unused mason jar. It took me about an hour to finish the project. Its pretty easy, despite its contradictory appearance :).

Here is a step by step guide.

Step 1

Take a plastic bottle cap and wind jewellry wire around it,twisting the ends and securing them.


Take two equal lengths of wire and straighten them. Make loops at both ends. Engage one end with the wire around the bottle cap and secure.

IMG-20131217-WA0006 IMG-20131217-WA0001


Join the free ends of the vertical pieces of wire, with a horizontal wire having loops at its ends.

Now start painting the mason jar.

2013-12-17 00.47.42 2013-12-17 00.57.02 2013-12-17 01.05.43

Step 4

Let the paints dry. Paint multiple coats, if required. Then place a small candle on the bottle cap and insert it into the mason jar.


20131217_012913Your Mason jar lamp is ready. Its like a perfect Christmas gift for friends and family. Use mason jars of different sizes and paint them in Christmas colours, or even accessorize them with stockings, tiny bells or mini lights.

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yours truly….creativnerd


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