Charging Pocket :)

Hey everyone 🙂

I hope you all had a great time on Christmas. I had my share of partying, meeting new people and making merry. Sadly, the day after Christmas was a working day for most of us. Sigh, the holiday mood had just begun to sink into my being. Anyway, today’s CIY is a pocket or pouch that can be used to keep your phone while charging. Its made from a plastic bottle, precisely, a ‘normal saline’ bottle in this case.

Supplies you need.

Plastic bottle, paper cutter, paints and brush, marker and ribbon.IMG-20131228-WA0000

IMG-20131228-WA0005Cut the bottle as shown. IMG-20131228-WA0004 Punch two holes for the ribbon. IMG-20131228-WA0001 Paint with acrylic colours. IMG-20131228-WA0002 Pass the ribbon through the back.IMG-20131228-WA0003 There you go. Keep your phone/ipod/mp3 player in the pocket while it charges.2013-12-27 00.35.04 (1) Do try this simple CIY and let me know.

Happy holidays..:)





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