Dreamy doodle :)

Hey everyone.. 😀

I got introduced to doodles a few days back and have been in total awe of this creative expression. It is intricate, subtle and a lot of  fun. I decided to give it a sincere try. I took my time, invested almost four days to design this piece of my creativity.

Its quite easy to draw a doodle for someone. First make a list of things that define that person, could be food that he/she loves, things like shoes/bags/cosmetics/coffee etc that she is crazy about, or just about anything you feel is apt for them. This Dream doodle comprises of elements that our dreams are filled with. Feel free to give me your opinion. I really appreciate it.

I am gonna play around with this kind of art for a little while, so you can expect to see more doodles. 😉

2014-01-09 12.45.23 2014-01-11 15.16.11

yours truly



2 thoughts on “Dreamy doodle :)

  1. Can you tell me if you can see colours in yr dreams?
    The answer is NO!
    It has been proven that only info recorded thru retina (rods & cones) will be stored in colour! Any info received by yr own brain replay (like dreams) is not received as coloured images! May be when U think back on it in day time, U may add colour by habit!
    So UR absolutely reight in depicting yr dream doodle in monochrome (blue in this case)
    But..may be U can draw a doodle in multiple colours too and make it more interesting!

    1. Hello Sir, I must say thats a very fine observation. I thought of the same thing while making this doodle, making sure its in one colour, blue or black. I am working on a new one, which has different colours in it. Will upload it soon. Hope everything is great at your end. Thanks again for your valuable comments. 🙂

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