NaPoWriMo Day#16

Hey everyone, 🙂 I know I am running two days late (will blame it on bad network..if i may). But I am trying to cover the margin and be back in the game. Here is my 16th piece of work. I have tried to write a song this time. Hope you enjoy it.

Tell me..

I dont want to close my eyes,
scared i might miss the moment.
i dont want to turn away,
fearing i may lose the chance.
To hold your hand,
to kiss your face.
to feel  your heavenly grace.

So, tell me now
if i should wait.
Or should i let go
and move ahead.
Will you ever come this way.
Will we ever be the same.
Tell me…..

I cant close the door behind
and walk through this alone.
I still feel the same about us,
wish i could call this home.
But its just empty rooms
of bricks and stones
the ruins of our love.

So, tell me please
if i should care.
Or should i just be gone somewhere.
will you ever see?
what it meant to me.
will you ever turn around?
tell me….

I cant carry on this blind tunnel anymore,
wish you could be my guiding star.
What do i do,
to make you feel again?
What do i say to make you see,
that however strong the storm may be.
the Sun shines after rain.

Yours truly…creativnerd..xoxo



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