Day#17 YOU

Day#17 NaPoWriMo

You are the song in my head
thats been on repeat ever since we met.
You are the wind in my hair
that makes me fly without a care
You are the fire in my heart
that lights my spirits in the dark.

Ohh!!!what a beauty you are..
Ohh!!! you are my shining star.
where ever you are.

You are the twinkle in my eyes
everytime a star shoots by.
I feel special everytime
you slip your hand into mine.
And i havnt got a clue
why sometimes i even talk like you.

Ohh!!! Such an angel you are.
Ohh!! You have painted my heart,
into a piece of art.

I feel like crazy when we dance in the rain
holding hands like we are never gonna change.
Ohh!!! what a beauty your are
and you will always be my shining star
where ever…where ever……you are.
you ll be my shining star. 

Yous truly…creativnerd..xo


Heyy!!What do you think of it??

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