NaPoWriMo Day21

I wish i had a magic wand
of unicorn hair or
a dragon tooth.
Would alohamora every door,
and arania exumes crawlies on the floor.
  I could do with Petrificus totalus,
  Or even charm an Expelliarmus,
  to tackle a bunch of scamps,
  if one tried to swing a cutlass.
Would obliviate my way to winning,
every quiz or test.
Propose to my man with orchideous,
or muffle his snoring by quietus.
  Would use evanesco to disappear,
  or portus myself from here.
  To wherever you are,
  on the face of earth's sphere.
Though quixotic it may seem,
I wish it were all true.

P.S. Inspired love for Hogwarts. :)

Yours truly...creativnerd..xo

Heyy!!What do you think of it??

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