Day#23 Song for you

Day#23 NaPoWriMo

Song For You

Life was moving like usual
the sun came up like everyday.
Nothing was new or different,
until you walked through my way.
  Now the sky looks polka dotted,
  the sun sets in the north.
  And everyone i know is sure,
  that i have fallen for….

yes you..its you..
may be its true..ohh!!

I used to be like a zombie
living but not alive.
But ever since i set my eyes on you
I crave a different life.
  Now the sun shines brighter than usual
  and breathing comes more easy.
  and i can finally feel my heart
  pulsating between my lungs …..

For you…oh you
yes its true..
iv fallen in love with you..

And i just cant seem to put u off my mind
you cloud my thoughts like..all the time.
I really hope you feel it too.
what i feel for you..…yes you.
its you.
i know its true..
i have fallen in love with…you. 


I hope you like it, and if you do…please feel free to click ‘like’. 🙂

Yours truly…creativnerd..xo


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