Day #28 Empowered, yet a prisoner.

Day#28 NaPoWriMo

Empowered, yet a prisoner.

My land is in ruins
for it has been
countless times
since conception.
It were tyrants
from pristine
pages of
that looted coins
and velvet.
Now its they
who smother us
with nothing but talk,
empty promises
that wear in a wisp.

My land is crying
for its people
are still blind,
to the behemoth
in crisp whites.
The veiled intentions,
words dipped in
seem true and realistic
to its people so gullible.

My land beckons,
for it is time
to wake up
from our eternal
And take charge
from here 
into the
wild blue yonder.

Yours truly….creativnerd…xoxo


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