Day#27 NaPoWriMo

Night terrors

Malevolent shadows
of the night
creeping into 
my dreams,
keeping me anxious
and awake.
Inane figments
of high-strung imagination,
or real monsters
in the dark.
The silence of the night
playing its role
of amplifying
I lie cold and
clutching at my
with all the might
of a six year old.
Moon light
paints the
room grey,
and i close my eyes
to pray.
Pray that no 
hand crawls out
from under the 
or a knock in triplet
by walking dead.
I pray hard,
i pray quiet.
I pray for the sun
to end this night.

Yours truly...creativnerd...xoxo

Heyy!!What do you think of it??

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