Writing 101, Day1

Unlocking my Mind.

My stream-of-consciousness, mostly, is like a bat out of hell. A lot of things and thoughts keep fluttering inside my mind, sometimes its difficult to concentrate on one. When i get down to write something meaningful, i get pulled in different directions, deciding what to write about. The same thing happened a few minutes back when i decided to ‘unlock my mind’ and put it down in words.

Our minds are like an infinitesimal bag of infinite wonders. Everything we like watching people do, are the things that we do ourselves in our mind, in our thoughts. I love watching parkour, why…because i am already a skilled parkour person in my head, like literally. I love violin, because i would love to play it myself. I have already pictured a lot of live performances of mine, in my thoughts ofcourse. The point is that our mind is complicated and simple at the same time. We get struck by ideas like lightening bolts when we least expect it. The strings of words flow through the channels of our brain like electricity and find a way out on paper. When i started today’s challenge, I had no clue what and how will i write? But the ‘prompt’ did what its supposed to do. It prompted me to come out with random words that would make some sense to my fellow blog spherites and to any person who chanced upon my writing.

My twenty minutes are up. And there goes my ‘full-stop’. Ciao.


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