Writing 101 Day 7, Give and Take


Today is Sunday and I am just going to leisure around,  pamper myself with a pedicure, not brush my teeth,watch five movies in a row and not get out of my pyjamas till tomorrow morning.

Θ (Read Brain) Oh God! Help me do something productive today and not waste time like always.

Oh C’mon brain, you can’t be serious. Just look outside. There is so much you can do while lying on the hammock under the clouds.

Θ Whatever! All I can think of right now is the seminar that I have to submit by day after and the log book that’s been pending for days. I don’t have time to lie on my back, drawing  animals in the clouds.

You are such a douchebag. Let me take you out for a walk. May be that will change your mind..gee..do you even have one? 😛

Θ Humour me.

Hey everyone, 🙂

This post was prompted by day 7 challenge of writing101june2014


Feel free to give your opinion. And please share it if you like.

Yours truly..creativnerd



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