Clicking a hundred happy moments!!

Hey everyone, 🙂

Yes, the bug has got me too. The aim is to click a picture of something that made me happy today….and it continues for the next 99 days. I really like the concept of making memories of things that make us happy. It could be anything, from your fav chocolate, to a meeting with an old friend, or just relaxing at home in pjs etcetra.

I read on their website that 71% people failed to complete the challenge because of lack of time. Well if you take it as a challenge, you may lose your interest in it soon, or you may find clicking a picture and submitting it everyday a bit cumbersome. The trick here is not to stress over it, just go with the flow….try and see happiness in little things around you and appreciate them by clicking a pic. Even after completing the challenge, the pictures will stay with you forever and will bring a smile to your face every time you look at them.

If i have managed to ignite an interest in you  don’t hesitate in clicking on to give it a shot. And do tell me about your experience. I would love to hear about it.

As for me, I am going to dive head on into happy waters. Wish me well. Keep watching the space for my 100 happy days pictures (starting from August,7). And leave a comment if it makes you happy too.

Stay happy. Stay blessed.

Yours truly…creativnerd


Heyy!!What do you think of it??

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