The Liebster Award


Hey everyone, 🙂

Got nominated for a new award by my fellow blogger Jem @ . Its called Liebster award and I am thankful and glad i got this nomination. I’m supposed to answer a few questions, list 11 random facts about myself, nominate a few blogs i like and give them my set of 11 questions to answer. And the cycle goes on like that.

So, here it goes,

The desire to do everything

before the sands of time run out,

is what inspires me.

I read a lot of books

sometimes wishing i could write

something remotely powerful and emphatic

as Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.

My first blog posting,

apart from being an introductory note

was about a tetrapack turned

into a pen holder.

My journal and a pen is

my most prized possession,

that i would grab first

if ever stuck in an earthquake.

I would choose to be yellow

if i could be a colour,

coz it brings cheer

to life’s pallor.

I love to travel

and the world’s on my list.

My first pet was a dog

named Genie.

Wild lillies are my favourite

they grow everywhere,

even on hardest rocks.

I admire Stephen Hawking

among other inspirational people.

And my favourite song at the moment

that been on repeat for quite some time

is “Elastic heart”.

11 random facts about creativnerd:

1. I started to learn violin but my instructor left his job in two months. I turned out to be a difficult student i guess.

2. If i could have my way, I would get every dog on the street to my place.

3. I love ice-cream and mint-chocolate chip ice-cream is my favourite (Baskin-Robbins).

4. My favourite colour is yellow, even though my wardrobe is full of red and white.

5. I have a secret journal that i have been maintaining since i was twelve.

6. I am currently reading Shantaram…for the fifth time. Just love the book.

7. Few months back I brought home an injured bird. I bandaged its broken wing and fed him for weeks and named it Moe, meaning ‘saved’ in Hebrew.

8. Tom and Jerry is my favourite cartoon show.

9. I have always had a pixie crop in school.

10. I can survive on pizza and mango.

Just like any other blog award, there are few rules :

  1. Acknowledge the award by leaving a comment on the nominating blog
  2. Copy & paste the award itself into your own blog
  3. Answer the 11 questions about yourself,
  4. List 11 random fact about yourself
  5. Nominate 3-11 other blogs you’ve recently discovered which have less than 3000 followers
  6. List 11 questions for your Leibster Award nominees
  7. Inform your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog.
  8. Provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it  (they might not have heard or it!)

I am nominating the following bloggers:

Now, if you choose to accept the award, here is your set of questions:

1. Which word best describes you?

2. Your favourite author and book?

3. First thing you would grab in case of an earthquake.

4. Which city in the world would to like to live in?

5. Your favourite workout?

6. Which app do you use most often on your phone?

7. Your favourite colour and why?

8. Who introduced you to wordpress?

9. Whats your dream profession?

10. Your current fav song.

Enjoy answering. and send a link to you blog post.

Yours truly



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