Gleesome autumn :)

Hey fellow Blogspherites 🙂 , and those passing by our galaxy 😉

Nothing is more liberating than having a hobby you absolutely adore. For me, it will always be drawing and crafting. This is a recent work, an autumn landscape in dry pastels.

2013-12-01 17.10.43 Hope you like it. Feel free to give your comments. I’d be glad to hear from you. 🙂

Yours truly


Pastel art

Dry Pastels give a different dimension to any art work.  They blend very smoothly with each other, giving a polished finish to your work. I sketched this piece about a year back. Its a perfect frame for a dining place…:)


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Still life of my wedges

A stodgy sunny morning made dramatic by experimenting with still life in pastels. I just assembled few things on a table top, my sister’s  fav pair of wedges, a jute handbag, a fishing cap and a pair of sunglasses… and sketched it using dry pastels.

  • Unlike oil pastels, the dry variety can be blended more smoothly.
  • Spray the finished sketch with a fixative spray, to avoid smudging.


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