About Me

Hi, all the potentially creative people out there…everywhere!!! I am a  25- yr- old dentist by profession and a free bird by spirit. I love to sketch, paint, sing, dance, craft…and most essentially….i am an obsessive compulsive reader (currently on Vampire Diaries, the book series) and a music lover.I love to sing and the thought of uploading covers on youtube has been in and out of my mind since forever. I have been making a lot of handmade tidbits for friends and family, but never did the thought of writing about it, strike a chord….until now.

So,think before you trash it. Lets snip.. cut.. stitch… roll.. stick..paint…your way to utilizing anything and everything for good.  Make every occasion warm and memorable with handmade gifts. Renew, revise, remodel..dregs into masterpieces. Get ready..get started..xoxo..:) Check out some amazing DIYs here.

I also love to write, especially when I am travelling. Coz otherwise with hectic hospital schedule, there s hardly any time. I write random lines about life in general and my opinion about it in specific.

I have also been sketching for almost 10 years now.  I have been in love with charcoal ever since a friend gifted me with a set of three pencils. I sketch portraits, live as well as from pictures and photographs. I have also picked up dry pastels quite recently and am experimenting with still life. Check out my sketch projects here.

Hair styling is my “hot off the fire” hobby these days. I love wearing my hair in buns and experimenting with braids. I dream…i dream a lot. And the blog marks an imperative step towards achieving my dreams.


20 thoughts on “About Me

  1. awesome creations….thenewer generations need thinking and creativity 4 a better world rather than byhearting books….

  2. Hey Divya, I nominated you for Very Inspiring Blogging Award!
    I hope you don’t mind. :3 If you’re not so into these stuff, you could just ignore it. I just would really like to show some appreciation for your awesome work.
    Much love. Dyanne x

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